Engineering plastics - are products of various polymers. They change the metal and glass in many areas. Plastics may be resistant to shock, abrasion and without losing its properties change of temperature or changing the medium in which they are located. Some - excellent dielectric, resistant to UV rays, water or other substances, easily processed by mechanical cutting. Applied in various fields.

We offer the following plastics: 
Cotton phenolic sheets, tubes, rods – HGW 2082 (PT, HGW, PFCC) and glass laminate is widely used in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering industry, in the manufacture of various components. 
Polyethylene (PE) is widely used in manufacturing a variety of parts, rails, parts conveyors, meat chopping boards and others. This is one of the cheaper and very popular products. 
Polyacetal (POM) is often used in the manufacture of precision parts.

Cotton phenolic sheets – HGW 2082

These sheets (rods, tubes) are made from cotton fabric as fortifier material and cresolformaldehyde resin as a bond.

Cotton phenolic rods, tubes

Hgw 2088

Rolled cotton phenolic rods are made from cotton fabric and phenolformaldehyde resin as a binder.