Cotton phenolic sheets – HGW 2082

These sheets (rods, tubes) are made from cotton fabric as fortifier material and cresolformaldehyde resin as a bond.

Used electric motor intermediate bearings, plates or other components that are exposed to electrical and mechanical stresses and friction production. 
Resistant to weak acids rather high temperatures. This material has good mechanical and antifriction properties.

Plate dimensions: 1020x2040 mm, 1220x2440 mm and etc.
Thickness: 0,5 mm - 100 mm


Type DIN – EN: 60893 PFCC 201
Type DIN 7735 HGW 2082
Rainforcement Cotton cloth
Resin Phenolic
Mechanical properties
Flexural stress at rupture perpendicular to laminations (at 20 °C) MPa 100
Apparent module of elasticity in flexure MPa 7x103
Tensile strength MPa 80
Impact strength (Charpy) parallel to laminations KJ/m2 8,8
Compressive strength parallel to laminations PN-83/C-89031 MPa 120
Dielectric properties
Electric strength in oil 90 °C kV/3 mm 1,5
- perpendicular to layers kV/25 mm 1
- parallel to layers    
Dissipation factor tan d   -
- 50 Hz   -
- 1 MHz    
Permittivity at 1 MHz   -
Comparative tracking index (CTI)   100
Insulation resistance after immersion in water MΩ 1
Physical properties
Density g/cm3 1,4
Temperature index (TI)   120
Water opsorption (for thickness 3 mm) mg 249